E-guide: the main Mexican beach areas

Mexico has some of the most beautiful beaches in the world! In this guide you can find information about the main 8 Mexican beach areas, to find out what beach would be perfect for you. Below a map of the main Mexican beach areas plus the (driving) distances from Mexico City.

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1. Veracruz (Tecolutla) – 4.5 hours from Mexico City


With the new highroad from Mexico to Tuxpan, Tecolutla beach is the quickest beach to reach by car from Mexico City, since 2014. Tecolutla is a laid back beach and river town, where you can make a boat trip in the mangroves, release baby sea turtles, relax on the beach or at the pool of one of the many hotels, and eat some of the best sea food in the world. One of the many hidden jewels in the State of Veracruz!

It can easily be combined with a trip to the impressive archaeological site of El Tajin and / or the beautiful town of Papantla (Pueblo Mágico).

2. Acapulco – 5.5 hours from Mexico City


Acapulco is the beach destination that has given Mexico the most international fame, thanks to its beautiful natural environment, golden sand, tropical climate and warm water.

In La Quebrada, a 35 meters high hill at the edge of the sea, you will see the divers diving towards the water. Barra Vieja will remind you of the vastness of the sea. Laguna de Coyuca offers a palette of orange and red colors at sunset. In Pie de la Cuesta you will find the sound of the tireless sea while you take a long walk.

It can easily be combined with the city of Cuernavaca and / or the beautiful town of Taxco (Pueblo Mágico).

3. Ixtapa Zihuatanejo – 8 hours from Mexico City


Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo is one of Mexico’s most beautiful beach destinations.

Nestled between the Sierra Madre mountains and the Pacific ocean, this destination consists of the picturesque town of Zihuatanejo, which has a traditional rural feel, and Ixtapa, a modern tourist resort with quality hotels and a marina.

In Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo you can enjoy gorgeous beaches like La Ropa and Playa Linda, which have small waves, making them ideal places for windsurfing and relaxing. Nearby, you can go scuba diving along coral reefs. At this destination you also can go fishing for sailfish, which is fairly abundant in these waters.

But Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo isn’t just about the sea and sun. In the surrounding areas, which are covered with lush vegetation, you can go camping, do ecotourism outings and observe wildlife, where you can spy crocodiles and eagles.

More information about this amazing destination in our blog Exploring Ixtapa Zihuatanejo.

4. Huatulco and Puerto Escondido – 12 hours from Mexico City

Puerto Escondido.jpg

Puerto Escondido, a heavenly beach destination, lies on the coast of the state of Oaxaca. Among its many attractions, this destination offers a notable group of beaches surrounded by lush vegetation. The blue-green waters are ideal for doing a wide variety of aquatic sports. One of the beaches, Zicatela, hosts an international surfing competition, while in November a sportfishing tournament takes place at Playa Principal. Nearby you’ll find nature areas like the Lagunas de Chacahua National Park, which consists of a group of lagoons and mangroves where you can spy a wide variety of indigenous wildlife, such as crocodiles, iguanas, exotic bird species and songbirds.

At Mazunte Beach you can visit the Centro Mexicano de la Tortuga, a turtle sanctuary dedicated to the research and conservation of various turtle species. Another strong draw is Puerto Escondido’s delicious fish and seafood dishes. At night, you can party until the break of dawn at the restaurants, bars and nightclubs along the beach.

Nearby Huatulco, at 2 hours from Puerto Escondido, is a coastal paradise with crystalline waters and various types of sand. This destination has nine bays, which are protected areas, and 36 beaches, which are part of the Bahias de Huatulco National Park. Most of the beaches have calm blue-green waters, such as those at the Tangolunda Bay, where you’ll find top-notch hotel resorts, excellent plazas and one of the best golf courses on the Pacific coast.

Another popular beach destination is the Santa Cruz Bay, considered one of the most important ecological reserves due to its coral reefs. Thanks to its abundant marine life, it is not only an excellent spot for scuba diving and snorkeling, but it also hosts the annual Torneo de Pesca de Pez Vela (Sailfish Fishing Tournament) in April and May. When exploring these destinations, the vast natural beauty, the diverse landscapes and the many recreational activities that each one offers will leave you fascinated.

5. Puerto Vallarta – 12 hours from Mexico City

Puerto Vallarta.jpg

Puerto Vallarta lies along Banderas Bay, the second largest bay in the Western Hemisphere. It is located 352 kilometers (219 miles) from Guadalajara, the state capital of Jalisco, and it is nestled in the foothills of the Sierra Madre mountain range. The region has many forests, rivers and waterfalls, with an average temperature of 27° C (80° F).

Of its many attractions we recommend Playa Mismaloya, which gained fame after director John Huston filmed “The Night of the Iguana” (starring Ava Gardner and Richard Burton) there in 1963. This beach is a popular celebrity hangout. The impressive rock formations of Los Arcos emerge from the bay’s crystalline waters, which are great for diving and discovering incredible underwater mountains and steeps. The city hall has murals painted by Manuel Lepe, and the Malecon (sea wall) is adorned with romantic bronze sculptures. What’s more, the streets of downtown offer shops and galleries that sell local paintings and sculptures of local artists.

The city, known for its top-notch services, also has golf courses, boutiques and a marina, comprising of sail boats and yachts.

6. Mazatlan – 14 hours from Mexico City


Mazatlán, also called the pearl of the pacific, will delight you, as it is a destination that combines sun and beach with the architectural richness of its historic center with details and finishes of neoclassical and French Baroque, which contribute to give a unique beauty among the tourist destinations of Mexico. Touring Machado Square will allow you to enjoy its gardens and its kiosk.

Mazatlán is a perfect destination, with the beauty of its natural attractions, its paradisiac beaches, the wealth in its marine fauna, the climate, the people, the gastronomy, the culture, the activities, the sports, the architecture, the nightlife, and will become one of your favorite places to visit.

7. Cancun and Riviera Maya – 20 hours from Mexico City


Cancún and the Riviera Maya (a coastal strip that stretches more than 120 km / 75 mi from Puerto Morelos to Punta Allen, in the state of Quintana Roo), offers the unparalleled beauty of the Caribbean Sea’s turquoise-blue water and white-sand beaches. During your stay, you can do water sports or other activities: snorkeling, scuba diving, parachuting, or you can take a spin on a waverunner. You’ll also find plenty of time to relax and enjoy the fine services offered in the hotelzone. Along the hotel strip of Cancún, which spans more than 30 kilometers (nearly 19 miles), you’ll find everything from villas and five-star hotels to exclusive resorts and spas. You’ll also find modern shopping malls, restaurants offering the best in national and international cuisine, and numerous bars and discos where the parties rage all night long.

Nearby Cancun, you can tour the Mayan Riviera and check out Playa del Carmen, Xcaret and Xel-Ha, ancient Mayan ports that have been converted into modern-day paradises. Also nearby is Tulum, a fascinating archaeological zone by the sea. It was the only walled city built by the Mayans. And the amazing archeological site of Chichen Itzá, one of the 7 new Wonders of the World.

Finally, you’ll also might want to visit Isla Mujeres, Isla Cozumel and Isla Holbox to live the unforgettable experience of snorkeling and scuba diving along the coral reefs.

8. Los Cabos – 28 hours from Mexico City

Los Cabos.jpg

Los Cabos is one of Mexico’s most beautiful and exclusive destinations. It lies on the southernmost tip of the Baja California Peninsula, 220 kilometers (136 miles) south of La Paz.

During the winter In Los Cabos you can admire one of the most beautiful natural phenomena to occur on Mexico’s coasts: the courtship, mating and birth process of the gray whale. During peak summer months, Magdalena Bay is perfect for scuba diving, kayaking, sportfishing, also to enjoy a romantic getaway on a pristine beach as you gaze out onto El Arco, a rocky arch formation is considered a landmark of this destination. Los Cabos unites together the waters of the Pacific Ocean and the Sea of Cortez (also called the Gulf of California). UNESCO declared 244 islands and protected areas of the Sea of Cortez a World Heritage Site.

You’ll find world-class hotels with top-notch restaurants, which have been known to lure a fair share of celebrities. Los Cabos is an unforgettable experience for the entire family thanks to its championship golf courses, excellent sportfishing and gorgeous beaches offering quality services.

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