La Flor más bella del Ejido in Xochimilco (Trip, Excursion, tour, from Mexico City)

If you want to experience one of the most beautiful and oldest traditions of Mexico City, be sure to visit the event ¨La Flor más bella del Ejido¨ (the most beautiful flower of the communal lands) in Xochimilco on Friday of Sorrows; this year on Friday the 31st of April 2023.

From ancient times, when Tlahuicatl, third Lord of the Xochimilcas ruled, the cult of the goddess Xochiquetzalli (goddess of flowers) was celebrated. During the colonial times, the celebration to this goddess was modified.

The parade of the flower women originated when the celebrations of the Friday of Dolores were mixed with the flower cult. Initially they were realized in the Canal of La Viga, in the town of Santa Anita in Iztacalco.

The parties were held at the piers that led to the old Merced market and those of the Puente del Carbón and La Leña that connected to Tláhuac and Xochimilco. These festivities coincided with the celebration of the Friday of Dolores, day in which the market was installed so that the inhabitants bought their provisions for the following week in which they had to remain in prayer. There, popular dances, meals, flavored drinks with pulque and contests were organized.

In 1921, the newspaper El Universal, called the beauty contest “La India Bonita”, to celebrate the centennial of the consummation of Independence, whose goal was to enhance the beauty of indigenous women in Mexico. In 1936, at the instigation of General Lázaro Cárdenas, the women’s beauty contest “The most beautiful flower of the ejido” was created, aimed at enhancing the mestizo beauty that inhabits the ejidal zone of Mexico City.

Since 1955, the festival of “The most beautiful flower of the ejido” has been celebrated in Xochimilco. If you are able to attend this magnificent celebration, which is intended to keep the pre-Hispanic traditions alive and to exalt the beauty of Mexican women, be sure to visit Xochimilco on Friday of Sorrows!


Be part of the magic and let´s visit this amazing event together, with Aztec Explorers!

On Friday the 31st of April 2023, also taking a boat ride on the channels of Xochimilco by traditional Trajinera, having a local traditional breakfast and explanations in English and Spanish by certified guide. The price is 750 pesos per person, without transportation, includes breakfast, terras reservation, trip/ tour in trajinera boat and explanations by certified guide. Breakfast includes juice and fruit, coffee with bread and red or greenchilaquiles with either chicken, meat or egg. From 8.30 to 13.00.


Small group, certified guide, in Spanish and English.
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