Exploring Cerro de la Estrella archeological site

In the Southern part of Mexico City we can find Cerro de La Estrella, 1 of the 5 archeological sites in Mexico City, around 40 minutes from the historic city center.

Cerro de la Estrella archeological site and national park, on a clear day, has one of the best 360 views all over Mexico City, from the top of an extinct vulcano.

The park was originally designated in 1938 with 1,100 hectares, but the growth of the city has encroached on it and left it with less than 200 hectares. The site is named after the colonial-period Hacienda de la Estrella, located on the flanks of the hill.

Culture: Azteca. Period: 900 – 1521. The slopes of the hill where the hacienda was located had been inhabited from the earliest times, and the settlement grew in importance as the site of New Fire ceremonies, believed to revive the sun at the end of the cycle. It was celebrated every 52 years with ceremonies held in 1351, 1403, 1455 and 1507. The fall of Tenochtitlan prevented the celebration of the fifth event.

Did you know: The Mexica conceived of the universe as a great flower with four petals representing the cardinal directions, while at the center of the flower lay the great Tenochtitlan (now Mexico City). In order to avoid the “death of the Sun,” which would bring total darkness to the universe, the priesthood would carry out a New Fire ceremony every 52 years, at the moment when the start of the solar and lunar years coincided. Research has revealed that the Colhua were the first to use the summit of the hill to carry out the “toxiuhmopolli” or New Fire ceremony.

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