Exploring Colonia San Angel

In the South Western part of Mexico City we can find the beautiful neighborhood of San Angel, around 20 minutes from the historic city center.

San Angel is 1 of the 21 Barrios Mágicos of Mexico City. Mexico City is much more than 1 big city. It feels much more like 21 little villages that grew together, but still have their historical hearts.

A great way to explore the city and it´s hidden gems, is to visit little by little the 21 Barrios Mágicos of Mexico City. The Barrios Mágicos of Mexico City is a list of twenty one areas in the Federal District, which have been named “magical neighborhoods” in order to attract tourism to them.

San Angel, located 12km (7.4 miles) southwest of the historic center, was once a retreat for wealthy city residents. Cobblestone streets, plazas, gardens and elegant estates are reminiscent of the neighborhood’s rich colonial past.

San Angel is home to monuments, historic residences, a former Dominican monastery, a cultural center housed in what was once a municipal palace and several interesting museums. Among them are the Risco House Museum (Plaza San Jacinto 15) with its impressive 18th century talavera tile fountain.

The El Carmen complex is the identifying marker of San Ángel, especially the three tiled-covered domes of the church. It consists of church, former monastery and school buildings. The monastery school or “Colegio” was founded in 1613.

There are several colorful markets, art galleries and shops scattered throughout the neighborhood and a good selection of restaurants, bars and cafes, many with inviting open-air terraces.

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