Hiking Los Dinamos national park in Mexico City

In the Southern part of Mexico City we can find the national park Los Dinamos, around 45 minutes from the historic city center.


When in Mexico City, don´t miss to explore Los Dinamos, one of the 8 National Parks of Mexico City. Los Dinamos has 2429 hectares of forests, ravines and the Magdalena River, which is the only living river in Mexico City.

This river runs through the main gorge for more than 12 kilometers and on it, beautiful waterfalls are formed that in some cases exceed 3.5 meters in height. Los Dinamos is named like this because at the time of the Porfiriato (1876 – 1911, the 35 years when General Porfirio Díaz ruled Mexico, ending in the Mexican Revolution), several electric power plants were built, that used the power of the waters of the Magdalena River, whose main function was to serve some textile factories of the current Magdalena Contreras delegation.

You can either explore the lower part or the upper part of los Dinamos. An amazing place, still in Mexico City, to escape the crowds and enjoy nature at its best. With a small group and with a local certified bilingual guide who can explain more about this amazing place its safer and more fun.

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