Hiking in and around Mexico City

Mexico City is the perfect base for hiking in and around Mexico City. Below our 12 most favorite hikes so far, 9 of them within the Mexico City limits. With links to our blogs and public Facebook albums.

Hiking Iztachihuatl Popocatepetl national park – State of México
Hiking Xitle volcano – Mexico City
Hiking Ajusco National Park and summiting the 2 highest peaks of Mexico City
Hiking parque ejidal Totolapan – Mexico City
Hiking Los Dinamos (lower part) – Mexico City
Hiking Xico volcano and nearby lakes – State of México
Hiking Los Dinamos (upper part, Dinamo 4 and Coconetla) – Mexico City
Hiking Parque Chapultepec and cultural visit to the monuments dedicated to different prehispanic cultures – Mexico City
Hiking and cultural visit to the archeological site and national park Cerro de la Estrella – Mexico City
Parque Nacional Desierto de los Leones – Mexico City
Hiking Teuhtli volcano – Mexico City
Hiking Nevado de Toluca. Without snow. State of México
Hiking Nevado de Toluca. Wihttps://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=4463651670385474&id=100002220545839&sfnsn=scwspmoth snow. State of México
Hiking cascada La Burbuja – https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=pfbid0CUtFYjV7cUzWSr863Jn5WP89DgD5Tx8Z4Afs2M8EFUS7yseBGbqNf84MZsreqDdfl&id=100002220545839&sfnsn=scwspmo&mibextid=VhDh1V

We recommend to first start with our walks and hikes for beginners, before starting with the longer hikes and at high altitudes:
🟢 Chapultepec Prehispanico 4 hrs
🟢 Cerro de la Estrella 4 hrs
🟢 Desierto de los Leones 4 hrs
🟢 Los Dinamos – Low 4 hrs
🟡 Volcán Xitle Básico 4 hrs
🟡 Volcán Teuhtli 4 hrs
🟡 Volcán Xico y Lagos 4 hrs
🟡 Los Dinamos – High 4 hrs
🟡 Cascada La Burbuja – 5 hrs
🟡 Volcán Xitle + cave 6 hrs
🟡 Totolapan a la Virgin 4 hrs
🟠 Totolapan Puerto del Cielo 6 hrs
🟠 Ajusco Peaks 6 hrs
🟠 Parque Nacional Izta Popo – Daytrip
🟠 Nevado de Toluca – Daytrip

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