Archeological sites near Mexico City

Apart from the 6 archeological sites in Mexico City itself, we can explore over 40 of the current 193 archeological sites of Mexico City on several day trips. 18 in the State of Mexico, 4 in the State of Tlaxcala, 6 in the State of Puebla, 8 in the State of Morelos, 4 in the State of Hidalgo; most of them can be easily explored on day trips from Mexico City. A bit further away, we can explore another 35 archeological sites in 2 or 3 day trips. Especially with a certified guide or archaeologist, these places really become alive, while learning about Mexico’s impressive prehispanic past.

Our most favorite Archeological Sites near Mexico City so far are:
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Cacaxtla (Estado de Tlaxcala)
Cantona (Estado de Puebla)
Chalcatzingo (Estado de Morelos)
Cholula (Estado de Puebla)
El Tajin (Estado de Veracruz)
Mitla (Estado de Oaxaca)
Monte Alban (Estado de Oaxaca)
Tecoaque (Estado de Tlaxcala)
Tenayuca (Estado de Mexico)
Teotenango (Estado de Mexico)
Teotihuacan (Estado de Mexico)
Tepozteco (Estado de Mexico)
Tetzcotzinco (Estado de Mexico)
Tula (Estado de Mexico)
Tzintzuntzan (Estado de Michaocan)
Yohualichan (Estado de Puebla)
Xochicalco (Estado de Morelos)
Xochitecatl (Estado de Tlaxcala)

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